Finnish dark electro/ebm with cold and fierce atmospheres since 2016

After discussing for a couple of years about forming an electronic music band Miseria Ultima was formed in the Lapland area of Finland, by Aleksi Martikainen and Kimmo Huhtala in 2016.
The music of Miseria Ultima combines EBM, aggrotech, and dark electro with spices from other electronic music genres.

After forming Miseria Ultima made a demo called” Unfocus” and released it as a digital version in the beginning of 2017 which got good response from the audience and from the labels.

The debut album "Phosphor" was released in 2017 and after this Miseria Ultima played multiple shows in Finland and abroad — with bands like Nachtmahr, King Satan, Larva et cetera. The second album "Graygarden" was recorded between the years of 2018 and 2019. After a while of waiting, it was released in early 2020 by Advoxya Records and Inverse Records. The second album "Graygarden" also got a good response from the audience and media.

The band inked a deal in 2022 with electronic music veteran label Alfa Matrix and the third album called “In Colors of Void” was released.

In the future, the band is going to play more shows in Finland and abroad — setting sights deep into what lies ahead.

The main concept behind the band is and has been to combine themes and landscapes from sorrowful atmospheres and northern coldness to their music. In addition to show themes of melancholy, through poem, philosophy and introspection influenced lyrics and grief ridden melodies to create their own path of Dark Electro / Aggrotech / EBM music. This reflects not only music and band members of their past, but also natural evolution to create their music forward.

Aleksi Martikainen – Vocals, Lyrics.
Kimmo Huhtala – Synths, programming.
Booking and management (Finland):
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In Colors Of Void

1. Yet Shivering Profound
2. The Arrow Dream
3. Caressing The Pale
4. Shutter
5. Stillborn Promethean
6. Devoid Of Coloration
7. The Agitator
8. The Underground Cult Of Decadence
9. Witch Heart Apparition
10. The Aurora Eyes
11. Of Whip And Vanquishment
(Bonus Track)

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    1. Stone In The Sky 04:00
    2. Remote Warning 05:47
    3. Bayonet Of Her Arms 05:45
    4. Insolence 04:44
    5. Circuit In The Scars 04:32
    6. Future Imperfect 03:37
    7. Let Down 04:06
    8. Inhale The Fire 03:22
    9. Allegiance 04:51
    10. Temple Behind The Shades 04:20

  • Phosphor

    1. Omega Transmission 04:55
    2. Shift To Crimson 05:54
    3. Morningstar 05:02
    4. Garden Of Abstractions 04:01
    5. Scarlet 05:46
    6. Neuroveil 03:33
    7. The Deep Red Heart 04:17
    8. Submerged 03:34
    9. Halo Of Affliction 04:18
    10. Latter Disarray 04:16
    11. Shapeshifter Of Dreams 05:32
    12. Vertigo 05:13